On July 1, 2012, the Office of Continuity Planning and Office of Emergency Preparedness transitioned into a single office, now known as the Office of Emergency Management (OEM). This is an exciting change and brings with it great opportunity for collaboration throughout campus. OEM will build on the success of both programs with an increased focus on coordination and communication with both internal and external partners. The OEM mission will focus on strengthening how the campus mitigates and prevents risk; prepares for, responds to, and recovers from emergencies; and integrates continuity planning into emergency planning and preparedness. Our collaborative approach will strengthen campus preparedness and readiness efforts by broadening the program scope to include all the phases that comprise emergency management: mitigation, preparedness, response, recovery, and continuity.

The Office of Continuity Planning assists the Berkeley community — faculty, staff, and leadership — to prepare ourselves for events that would threaten the continuity of our campus mission.  Such disaster-events can be

  • all-encompassing (major earthquake, pandemic illness)
  • localized (fire in a building) or
  • personal (failure of a hard drive).

Whatever the event, our campus goal is to become sufficiently "event-ready" that we can continue our teaching, research and service mission with minimal interruption.

To reach that goal, we assist departments throughout the campus to create "continuity plans" that identify both strategies for coping with events when they occur, and preparations that can be done in advance.

Building on the foundation of departmental continuity planning, we advise campus leadership on overall campus readiness.  In this way, issues and needs identified by departments, but beyond their scope, are advanced to the appropriate parties for solution.


  • UC Ready Receives Power of 10 Award

    Power of 10 award

    UC Ready, UC Berkeley's unique business continuity planning tool, has been recognized by the UC Office of the President with the 2010 Power of 10 Award for leveraging the skills and energy of a single campus to benefit all UC campuses.

  • Readiness Tool for the Arts

    Since June 2009, the Berkeley campus has been collaborating with SouthArts, a not-for-profit regional arts agency based in Atlanta, to design a disaster-readiness tool for the arts com

Success Stories

  • Our UC Ready planning tool (an upgrade of the former Berkeley Continuity Planning Tool) has been adopted by the Kuali Foundation as its first offering in the area of disaster-preparedness. The new tool, to be called Kuali Ready, will be available in April 2010.

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