Using Our Planning Tool on Your Own Campus

A number of universities and other institutions have inquired how they might obtain the UC Ready continuity planning tool.

The UC Ready tool was designed and built by the staff of the University of California.  The current version is v3.0.  This replaces version 2.01, which was titled Berkeley Continuity Planning Tool.

While UC Ready is the successor to the Berkeley Continuity Planning Tool, it has been redesigned to serve the entire University of California System:  10 campuses, 5 medical centers, a National Laboratory, and the systemwide Office of the President.  Along with many other enhancements, the tool is now very customizable so that each UC institution can configure the tool to its own local organization, conditions, and needs.

In April 2010 we retired the UC Ready tool in favor of a new version that is offered by the Kuali Foundation.  The new tool, called Kuali Ready, is an enhanced version of UC Ready, and is offered as a hosted service in return for an annual subscription fee.  Kuali Ready is highly customizable by the adopting institution, does not require any programmer-skills to adopt or use, and is fully supported.  Local name and graphics can be substituted for the Kuali Ready name and graphics.

Hosting and support for Kuali Ready is provided by the staff of UC Berkeley, under contract to the Kuali Foundation. Hosting services for Canadian institutions are offered by the University of Toronto.

Further information about Kuali Ready, including the fee structure, can be found at the Kuali Foundation site.

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